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Spice up your life!

oh, hi there.

i have something very important to tell you:  you might be spending way too much for spices and herbs!

i feel like i have this very special knowledge that i have to get out into the world.  There is an aisle in your grocery store where the herbs and spices are super inexpensive.  And that aisle looks a lot like this:


it’s usually tucked in near the hispanic food section.  (or if you’re at Lucky’s in Oakland, it’s in the farthest back corner flanked by some fake plants and the employee entrance to the seafood section).  what i’m getting at, is that these spices are probably hiding from you.

but they’re well worth the search because every last one of them is under a buck.

let’s do some comparison shopping.  cumin: one of my most favorite spices (mmm, guacamole).  Safeway.com reports that the cheapest plastic bottle of the stuff is $3.49!  Now, we look around for the bagged spices and…


79¢!  can you believe it?

Now, they don’t have every flavor of spice, and if you’re tricking out your fancy fancy spice rack for the first time, by all means buy some nice bottles.  Just don’t forget the bagged spices when your supplies are running low.  69¢ to refill the oregano?!  yes, please!

secret bonus: here is another really powerful spice that’s well worth dropping 75¢ (it’s secret, because it is only available to folks who can read italics).



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Couch Surfing!

Summer is here!  Time to start planning a fabulous vacation!  Of course, a great getaway can be super spendy, but it doesn’t have to be.  And that is where couchsurfing.org comes in.  On couchsurfing.org you can find free lodging just about anywhere in the the world.  Woah, yeah, i said it… FREE LODGING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!  That’s a huge chunk of the vacay budget that you can just knock out of the equation.  It sounds too good to be true, but it is absolutely true.

This is how it works:  Friendly folks all over the world offer up their couches and fill out profiles that you can browse to find the perfect place to stay.  Couchsurfing.org currently lists 834,377 couches in 232 countries!  Just shoot off an email and if the host is free during the days you’re looking to stay with them, and they like the looks of your profile, you’ve got a free place to rest your head.

Now, you can check their website for more specifics, but I want to just share my super experiences with couchsurfing/hosting:

One weekend two friends and I decided to make the drive from Portland (where we lived, at the time) to Seattle.  It was Thursday night and we decided to drive up the next day!  We browsed around couchsurfing.org and found some friendly looking hosts that had been recommended highly by other couchsurfers, and sent out a few emails.  We received a quick reply from Robin, who was not too busy in the coming days and happy to have us.  A few emails later and we had the logistics all worked out, Robin’s phone number in hand, and we headed off toward the great wet north.  As we drove closer to Robin’s house we called to report our ETA and mentioned our plans to head into downtown for the evening.  When we arrived at Robin’s place she had a map showing the route from her house to downtown all printed out for us, with points of interest circled.  Couchsurfing hosts are super at making recommendations for awesome things to see and do (and eat) in their home-cities!  That’s just how sweet couchsurfing hosts are.  For little more than gas money and the price of a beautiful flower bouquet we picked out at Pike’s Place Market to show our gratitude to Robin, we had a fantastic weekend (of course we spent money on food, but we would have had to eat if we sat at home all weekend too).

A free place to stay is stellar, but if you don’t have the time for a getaway, consider hosting couchsurfers!  It’s loads of fun.

After our great couchsurfing experience in Seattle,  my roommates and I listed our apartment and our lovely gold velvet couch on couchsurfing.org.  In the next couple months we hosted a several couchsurfers, and always had a blast.  It’s always fun to meet new folks and travelers tend to come with a lot of fascinating tales of where they’ve been and where they’re going.  It’s also fun to be the expert on your hometown, ready to recommend your favorite restaurant or park.  And here’s a BONUS: on more than one occasion, we had couchsurfers offer to cook a meal for our apartment to repay our hospitality!  A lovely canadian couple cooked us a top notch curry.  One dude, got in our apartment’s fancy start-of-autumn dinner and contributed a delicious veggy/cheesy dish that knocked our socks off.

I think I’ve set a new record for gratuitous use of the exclamation point with this post, but that’s just how enthusiatic I am about couchsurfing!  Check it out.  No, seriously, check it out.


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more fricken! (that’s free chicken)

welcome back to the all free chicken, all the time blog.  i mean the photos of lokate holding food blog.  only kidding, this is still ReceshBreak!  I just have to let you know that today’s free chicken deal at el pollo loco is more than just free chicken.  It’s free tortillas (your choice of flour or corn) and unfettered access to their salsa bar!

that’s a whole meal people!  yesterdays kfc free piece of chicken was good, but today’s free meal was amazing.  i’m not normally into eating chicken with the bones and all, but i found it kind of fun to assemble my little chicken tacos.  yum, yum.  this offer is good until 8pm tonight (4.28.9), it’s not too late!


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dinner plans tonight?

free chicken.i know this is last minute, but i had to do some research before i brought you this news.  KFC is giving out a free piece of chicken to everone who walks through their doors, TODAY ONLY!

by “research” i mean, i walked down to my local KFC and tried it out.  sure enough, they will give you a piece of their new grilled chicken just for being there.  it’s that kind of chicken that’s on the bones and you get all dirty trying to eat it… but it was pretty tasty.

so, if you have no dinner plans tonight… pick up a piece, just don’t forget to grab a napkin or two (or more, take them home, use them later…)

if you’re reading this post april 28th or later, don’t worry i can still help you out with those dinner plans… mmm.

UPDATE: word on the street (actually, on my facebook page, thanks mom!) is that El Pollo Loco is giving out free chicken tomorrow! and according to their website you get free tortillas with your free chicken!  Holy smokes!  I am so there!

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