Abbreve Guide

I use a ton of abbreves when i talk (and also, when i write).  So if you can’t figure out what i’m trying to say, czech this list.  I’ll add them as i find myself using them, so the list will grow over time.

abbreve – abbreviation
bf – boyfriend
bro – brother
comf – comfort
clev – clever
delish – delicious
ETA – estimated time of arrival
fance – fancy
FMV – For Maximum Value (a brand available at Fred Meyer Stores)
frings – free things
GCS – grilled cheese sandwich
ingredes – ingredients
li’l – little
MnC- Mac ‘n Cheese
‘n – and
NBD – no big deal
ol’ – old
orig – original
p-cast – podcast
PFT – pause for thought
p-graph – paragraph
prob – problem
recesh – it’s short for recession
sf – san francisco
vacay – vacation
veg – vegetable (also, can be used to mean vegetarian)

If i’ve left one out, just ask!


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