All This… and Rye Bread, Too.

ttownHoly Smokes! Wow!

I found myself in a mood yesterday and i accidentally cured it with a shopping spree!!

Confession time, this is what i bought:

✿  Two books for me (my fave genre: tween fiction)!
✿  Two books for friends.  I haven’t even decided who to give them to (they’re old faves that just had to be boughten).
✿  Three golden picture frames (well, gold-colored anyway) for an art project i’ve decided to attempt.
✿  A new dress!  It’s just a super cute plaid number that goes great with the tights i got for my b-day.
✿  A sweater for my sister.  It looked like something she’d like.

I know what you’re thinking… good gracious, get a grip lady!  Also, what’s the damage?

Drumroll, Ya’ll!… $13.74!

No, seriously!  The dress was $1.50.

That’s right.  Just the longest intro/brag-fest ever to tell you about a magical land called Thrift Town!

Now, this in not a blanket endorsement of all thrift stores… Unfortunately, for those of you who don’t live in NorCal/some parts of Texas I’m talking strictly Thrift Town.

Thrift Town is a Town of Thrift that is above and beyond your typical goodwill/salvation army set-up for two big ol’ reasons: Organization and Pricing.

“…let me break it down for you, again. You know I only say it cause i’m truly genuine…” -lauryn hill

Organization:  World-class organization = less work digging around for me.  At thrift town clothes are organized by gender, then style (long sleeve blouse, pant suits, etc.), then by size! (this is great.  none of that, “oooh! cute!… ugh! size 2!” just “cute! my size!”), and at the sf location (and here’s the kicker) by color!  Seriously, organized!

Pricing:  Real value, folks!  The prices are crazy low.  And i don’t mean compared to shopping at Bergdorf’s, I mean compared to other so called “thrift” situations.  At the Goodwill near my parent’s house they recently set up this across-the-board pricing scheme, where all of one type of clothes are one price: dresses are $7.99 (not a deal).  At Thrift Town, dresses start at around $2.99 and the one I bought had a blue tag so it was 50% off!  (Goodwill has stopped doing that colored-tag extra-savings thing…lame).  I could go on all day… the books were 69¢ and 99¢.  The sweater i bought for Ani cost 69¢ (don’t worry, i already told her…).

Now, I didn’t take any photos at T-Town, but check out someone elses’s haul i found on flickr!  Not bad!


thanks for the photos tgifreytag and Steven_Morris!

psst! hey you! Thrift town has several locations, but they aren’t everywhere.  Know any good thrift shops in your neck of the woods? Comment!


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  1. Lorraine

    For all you SoCal readers…Try the Heirloom Shoppe ~ 200 E. Commonwealth, Fullerton (just east of Lemon) Cute little boutique shoppe with lots of selections. Holiday Sale there is weekend ~ Friday 13, Saturday 14th.

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