An Ode to Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

I would like to take a minute to sing the praises of the Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  The perfect recesh lunch.  It’s crazy delicious AND so inexpensive!  Let me break it down for you:

•Two slices of bread 20¢ (and that’s the good kind, you can usually find decent bread for $2 a loaf)
•2 oz. of cheddar cheeze 56¢ (or less, for two generic brand american singles, fancy!*)
•margarine 4¢ (8¢ for butter, if you’re classy like that)

your basic GCS is just 80¢!

extras: an egg 21¢, a slice of turkey 40¢, half an onion (carmelized first, of course) 34¢, a slice of bacon 22¢, half a tomato and some mustard 50¢.

for just over a buck you can have a fabulous lunch!

allow me to inspire you with two tales about my best grilled cheese sandwich experiences in recent history.

the face of jealousy

A couple of weeks ago, I was house/cat-sitting for my brother.  (There’s a perfect recesh survival scheme if I ever heard one: house/cat-sitting = free food from my bro’s fridge, and my bro’s fridge = fancy food).  So I had access to some nice wheat bread, muenster cheese slices, sliced turkey with herbs already on it, and actual butter.  The cheese melted to stringy perfection and the slightly heated herby turkey was just mmmm.  It was so delish, Bix, the cat looked super jealous!

And now, the tale of the sandwich in that mouth-watering photo up-top there.  That, my friends, is the main course from one of the most delightful meals of my life.  I was in Seattle with my dear friends Raul and Keighty.  We were looking for cheap food near pikes market (it’s tourist-ville.  $10 crumpets? no thanks), when Raul spotted “Restautrant”.  (the place had an actual name on their menus, but we chose to call it by the name on the sign outside).  Keighty and I had identical meals: a cheese and egg sandwich grilled to gooey perfection, and a rootbeer float that came as a glass full of ice cream and a can of rootbeer, yum.  It was a delightful meal and our bills each came in at under five dollars!

Well, now you’ve heard what i have to say about the gloriousness of the perfect GCS.  You absolutely MUST czech this out:

10 of the most magnificent GCSs ever!
(complete with inspirational photos and recipes)

* i know that cheese singles are fancy, because as a child we only got to have them at grandma’s house, and they come individually wrapped!  that is fance!

p.s. what are your fave GCS recipes? comment, please. i’m always up for trying a new form of melted cheese on toasty bread.



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9 responses to “An Ode to Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

  1. Rhonda

    I’m headed to kitchen to crank out a GCS!! yummiscious!

  2. Ani

    I’m making one for dinner – adding hard boiled egg and green olives – I’m hungryyyyy

  3. Con H

    You’ve inspired me! I think I’m gonna try and make an egg GCS today, yay! ps- i didn’t know you had this blog. it’s fabulous

  4. Great timing: Right before reading this, I told my roommie I want grilled cheese and tomato soup for supper!

    BTW, I just found your blog through ApartmentTherapy. So cute! Please keep up the good work; I’ll definitely be back!


  5. looking at the picture makes me hungry XD

  6. Laurel,

    You are so cool and creative. I absolutely love your blog!

    I totally stole this GCS recipe from a restaurant, but white chedder, arugala, tomato, and pesto–fried with olive oil–is awesome.

  7. Woot Woot! Praise the GCS…. How about throwing some pickles in there, the refrigerated kind, for a lovely little crunch. Or maybe a swiss GCS with goat cheese and avocado on rye… the possibilities are endless!

    P.S. Totes love your blog (and apartment therapy for directing me here).

  8. You know about dumpster diving for seriously good bread? Fine bakerys throw out or give away their extra loaves every night. If you walk in at closing time, they might give you bread, or if you check the dumpster just after closing, there might be bags full of top notch bread inside.

  9. you can always buy cheap foods on any supermarket these days because food production is mechanized already ,’;

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