more fricken! (that’s free chicken)

welcome back to the all free chicken, all the time blog.  i mean the photos of lokate holding food blog.  only kidding, this is still ReceshBreak!  I just have to let you know that today’s free chicken deal at el pollo loco is more than just free chicken.  It’s free tortillas (your choice of flour or corn) and unfettered access to their salsa bar!

that’s a whole meal people!  yesterdays kfc free piece of chicken was good, but today’s free meal was amazing.  i’m not normally into eating chicken with the bones and all, but i found it kind of fun to assemble my little chicken tacos.  yum, yum.  this offer is good until 8pm tonight (4.28.9), it’s not too late!



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2 responses to “more fricken! (that’s free chicken)

  1. Heather

    Someone told me there was a coupon in the paper (but down here . . .) for more free chicken from KFC. FYI.

  2. GLO

    I just got my “meal to go” coupon from the Hometown Buffet. Fill a container and take it home. Do you know how much food you can shove into one of those boxes. Enough for three meals ~ takes planning.

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