dinner plans tonight?

free chicken.i know this is last minute, but i had to do some research before i brought you this news.  KFC is giving out a free piece of chicken to everone who walks through their doors, TODAY ONLY!

by “research” i mean, i walked down to my local KFC and tried it out.  sure enough, they will give you a piece of their new grilled chicken just for being there.  it’s that kind of chicken that’s on the bones and you get all dirty trying to eat it… but it was pretty tasty.

so, if you have no dinner plans tonight… pick up a piece, just don’t forget to grab a napkin or two (or more, take them home, use them later…)

if you’re reading this post april 28th or later, don’t worry i can still help you out with those dinner plans… mmm.

UPDATE: word on the street (actually, on my facebook page, thanks mom!) is that El Pollo Loco is giving out free chicken tomorrow! and according to their website you get free tortillas with your free chicken!  Holy smokes!  I am so there!


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  1. hey did you know that when you mouse over the avatars in the comments, they rotate? haha. that’s neat. (totally unrelated comment to the post)

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