Podcasts (the internet’s greatest secret treasure)

i’m here! i know i haven’t blogged in a while, and honestly, i was letting this silly recesh get me down… and me down = lazy.  lame right?  So, i’m here to tell you about something i really truly love, and it’s FREE and it’s entertaining and it’s gettin’ me through this recesh, and it’s podcasts!

i called them a secret treasure (up there in the title) because some people just don’t seem to know how truely super they are.  if you’re already down with the p-casts, you can skip this p-graph.  i’m about to get all explainy.  what‘s a podcast?  podcasts are mp3s (sound files) that you can download for free and listen to on your computer or on your ipod and they generally feature people talking.  who? anyone! can make a podcast and put it up online for you to download for free.  most of my favorite podcasts are radio shows that they record and put online.  why not just listen to the radio? because if i have the shows on my ipod i can listen to them whenever i want to.  they are great entertainment for when you are walking to the store, sitting on the bus, getting ready in the morning… i even like to do the dishes after dinner (i know, right…) because it gives me a few minutes to listen to my podcasts.  so, lastly how do you get these magical gems?  if you use itunes it’s super easy, just go to the itunes store and look under the audio podcasts section and you can search around for something that strikes your fancy.  you can also usually download a p-cast straight from its coresponding website.   there are approximately one bafillion podcasts in the world.

to help you find the very best, i would like to recommend my personal faves:

Long-time producer Jen Flash Andrews, Sean DeTore (Japans #1 mixer) and your host Luke Burbank.

Long-time producer Jen "Flash" Andrews, Sean DeTore (Japan's #1 mixer) and your host Luke Burbank.

tbtl (the show that is possibly Too Beautiful To Live) is a nighttime radio show from seattle that i just can’t get enough of.  Jen, Luke, and Sean talk about anything and everything.  From waterbeds (what happened to them?), to what music they want played at their funerals, and even baby ninjas.  Every night they go through the news events of the day and declare them awesome (rawr!) or not awesome (come on!).

this american life is a public radio show where every week they choose a theme, and bring you a variety of stories on that theme… (are you hearing ira‘s voice yet)?  It’s great story telling!  Some weeks it’s so funny, sometimes dramatic, always tons of fun.  itunes will only let you download the most recent episode, but their website lets you stream every episode they’ve ever had!

wait, wait, don’t tell me is a news quiz where panelists and call-in listeners answer questions about the week’s news.  Paula Poundstone is sometimes one of the panelists, so pretty much it’s a news quiz and a laugh riot.

raul and jerry enjoyed this dinner party at apt. #81

raul and jerry enjoyed this dinner party at apt. #81

the dinner party download is “the show that helps you win your next dinner party.”  Every week they give you a joke to break the ice, hints about interesting news stories to bring up, a few history facts to make you sound smart, cocktail ideas and more!  I don’t go to many dinner parties, but i always listen to this p-cast.

the relevant podcast is made by the folks who make relevant magazine.  they talk about funny news stories and have musical guest come in and play songs.  They are the reason i know about Pigeon John.

and now: a note about gratitude (also free, also awesome).  Maria/Julie Andrews isn’t lying.  When you feel down, cause i don’t know, maybe you find yourself in the middle of some sort of recesh maybe… simply remember your favorite things and then you won’t feel so bad.  Thanks for letting me share my favorite podcasts with you!  What are your faves?

✩tbtl photo used by permission from the lovely Jen Andrews (no relation to Julie…), thanks lady!



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8 responses to “Podcasts (the internet’s greatest secret treasure)

  1. Rhonda

    So this was a great one! I’m inspired to download something! But I may call you for help…

  2. theindiehandbook

    Ted.com is brilliant. Moor academically oriented, lectures, speeches, live music, etc. Most of them can bee downloaded as mp3 ore video ore both. Steven Pinker’s lectures on linguistics blow my mined.

    NPR’s All Songs Considered: Eye posted about this a few weeks ago. Ewe can stream all of they’re concerts four free. They also offer sum as podcasts, the most recent one, eye think.

    BBC Radio has sum good ones, two. Unfortunately, allot of they’re live streams are geolocked, sew we can’t get them hear. Butt, ewe can download the 15 minute highlight podcasts.

  3. theindiehandbook

    Also, I’ve loved Pigeon John since I first heard this song (http://www.socuteurl.com/tabbykissies) in 1998 when he was with Brainwash Projects. I am sooo indie.

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  5. I love p-casts too!! I just found tbtl and relevant!! Totally hooked!

  6. Wow Laurel! Thanks for the great podcast tips. I think you read my mind!

    Yay! I love This American Life. I tend to listen to it when i’m walking to the grocery store. Wait, wait, don’t tell me is also lots of fun!

    Trying out:
    — TBTL
    — Relevant
    — Dinner Party

    I’m surprised that I haven’t tried Relevant yet, because I subscribe to their print magazine.

    Hey, where’s mbmbm?

  7. This blog post is 2 years old… mbmbam didn’t exist yet! An updated list would def include those guys, and radio lab, too!

  8. Aww, your blog is a toddler. And mbmbm is a baby. All the babies out there know how cool they are for listening.

    I listened to Relevant and Dinner Party and I really liked them! And i’m not just saying that. (especially with the study i’m doing on proverbs now and words). They are really good!

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