doesn’t get much better than FREE

During a recesh you can’t get a better deal than free.  today, i’ll tell you about two free things (frings).

Right now at you can sign up to be mailed a coupon for a FREE frozen dinner.  I just requested mine, so i can’t make any claims about the quality of the food, but it’s from kashi so i have high hopes.  Also, did i mention it is free, which is super.  I am mostly certain that they will just send you the coupon and not fill your mailbox (electronic or otherwise) with junk mail.  I am basing this on the fact that a while back they had a sign up on they’re website to get a sample of granola, which i got, and they didn’t spam me after that, so hooray for kashi!  FREE meal! (i feel that FREE is so super it should always be in caps, but i’ll cool it for now).

And now, a free (ugh, too boring FREE!) tip for my fellow bay-area-ites.  FREE chocolate.  no lie.  Ghirardelli Square, a total tourist trap, but the tourists aren’t stupid!  They give a free sample (which happens to be an entire ghirardelli square) to every single person who walks into their store.

Ghirardelli square happens to be in a lovely area, so you can make a really fun activity out of this free chocolate tip.  Take a walk (free) down by the water, enjoy a nap (free) in beautiful fort mason park (free admission),  then head up to ghirardelli square for a chocolate treat (FREE!).

thanks to wasabicube for cc licensing (free) their great foto of ghirardelli square!


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  1. Brian

    I just got an email that my Kashi coupon is coming! Can’t wait!

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