Being in a recesh can get you down, because let’s be honest the, the entertainment budget is usually the first thing to get slashed.  But that doesn’t mean you have to sit at home all day.  Sitting at home is free, i’ll give you that, but it’s not all that fun. 

So, you can try to get yourself invited to other people’s parties, that is free… but can you throw a party at your place for little to no money?  Of course you can.  And you can have a very fun party.  Possibly the most fun party of all time.

The bulk of a party’s budget goes to buying food for your guests.  So, why not trick your guests into bringing the food.  While you’re at it, why not trick them into cooking the food for themselves so you don’t have too.  How is that even possible?

It’s a Cook-off Party! and this is how it works.  Just ask each of your guests to bring one ingredient for the meal.  (See, you just saved yourself a bundle and you only asked each of your guest to spend a few bucks).  If you want to make sure you end up with a cohesive meal, you can assign ingredients.  (for example, mexican is a really simple theme to organize.  Keighty brings tomatoes, Jerry brings onions, Liz brings cheese, Raul brings sour cream, Richie (your friend with the big bucks, who still has his job) can bring some chicken, Ani brings tortillas, etc. until all necessary ingredes are accounted for.  The more folks that come the better variety of foods you get to have).  If you want a more challenging cook-off let your guests bring whatever ingredient they want!

When your guests arrive with the bounty, throw all the food onto the kitchen table.  Then divide your buddies into two teams. You can draw names from a hat, divide up girls vs. boys, or have two team captains choose sides old school style.  Then, and here’s the exciting part, divide up the ingredients.  One member of each team takes turns rolling a dice.  If they roll an even number they pick an ingrede off the table.  If they roll an odd number they get to steal an ingredient from the other team.  (Once a specific item has been stolen three times it is frozen, and cannot be stolen again).  Once all the ingredes are doled out.  The cooking begins!

forks2Set a time limit, you have to eat some time.  An hour is probably enough time.  Depending on the rowdiness of your guests, other rules can be set.  E.g. No knife-fights in the kitchen.  Each team has to come up with a couple of dishes, and over dinner, you can all argue about who cooked the better food!

BONUS:  Now that you have tricked your friends into buying the food and cooking it themselves, let’s take this to a whole new level.  The losing team has to wash the dishes!!!

And that is how you throw a party without spending loads of cash.  All you have to do is clean the kitchen before your guests arrive.  If you’re as good of a cook as you say you are… you won’t even have to do dishes!

✩yummy veg photo by eseering.  Thanks.


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  1. zippee

    taking a week off of blogging – i miss my receshbreak!!!

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