My Ninety-Nine Cents

Today’s tip: Don’t be afraid of the 99¢ store.

99centsstoreWhile there certainly is a lot of junk to be found in a 99¢ store.  There are also terrific deals.  For me, the trick is remembering that the 99¢ store is even around.  When you think of some item you need to purchase, before you run out the door to target (and trust me, i’ll take any excuse for a trip to target), just PFT and ask yourself really quickly, could i get this at the 99¢ store?

I once found myself in need of a bucket, for an art project.  Now, at homedepot i’d expect to pay around five bucks for a bucket, but lo and behold they have them at the 99¢ store, for… 99¢!

So, you might not need a new bucket too often, but what about batteries?  I’m not kidding, packs of batteries for 99¢!  Other household items that you can get for cheap include foil, cleaning products, trash bags, sandwich bags.

Another great use of the 99¢ store is for silly gifts.  Some people aren’t down with getting their friends cheap-o gifts, but i most certainly am!  (Especially if you take the time to make them a nice birthday card, that shows you really care).  Once I gave my friend some wine that came in juice boxes for her birthday.  Yes, 3 juice-boxes of wine for 99¢!  It was disgusting wine, but so hilarious!

Also, some kitchen items can be quite a steal at 99¢.  An ice-cream scooper.  A colander.  Those corn-shaped corncob holders.   Juice glasses (3 for 99¢! can you believe it)?

Allow me to offer a quick word of warning about the 99¢ store.  Sometimes 99¢ is just not enough to get you the quality that you need.  In other words: yes, they sell pregnancy tests, but really?!

speaksWell, i don’t want to leave you with sketchy feelings toward the 99¢ store.  The point of this post was to make you more comf with the idea of shopping there.  So let me leave you with my ever so impressive all-time fave 99¢ store purchase:  speakers that plug into the headphone jack of my ipod!  The quality isn’t super, but does it play my favorite tunes to lull me to sleep without having to fall asleep tangled up in my headphone cord?  You bet your bottom dollar it does!  and it’s a good thing it does too, cause now you can keep your bottom dollar and take it down to the 99¢ store and find a 99¢ gem of your very own!

Thanks to Ian Broyles for sharing his 99¢ store photo via a creative commons license.



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7 responses to “My Ninety-Nine Cents

  1. Ani

    great post! honestly there are so many things i like about it – good jorb. and i’m sorry but i like the cc photo too.

  2. keighty

    i always thought the 99 ——- wait! there is not cent sign on this keyboard! what the hell?!!! ———

    i always thought the 99 cent store was super weird but you’ve shown me the light. but you’re right, i won’t be my pregnancy tests there.

    there, i’m scandalous, again.

    love you a million!

  3. Balloona Fish

    I bought some speakers too! I love the 99¢ store! wooooo!
    also, along the line of pregnancy tests, i hope no one is buying their condoms there.

  4. Rachel

    I can vouch for the pregnancy tests. They really are just as accurate and at $1 you can take as many as you want. No need for the $15 drugstore kind.

    • monika

      Just wanted to add another vouch for the 99 cent pregnancy tests. Good to get in the habit of looking for deals with a baby on the way 🙂

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    You must proceed your writing. I’m confident, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!

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