Spread the love!

We have a recesh on our hands, people!  and it’s not just the stock market that’s down.  Chances are you know someone who could use some cheering up.

Today I would like to celebrate the simplest of love-spreading devices: the Card.

pear card

I’m not talking hallmark here.  Hand-made is the way to go.  Not only will the lucky recipient of your card feel exponentially more love… Here’s the best part.  If you have paper already in your possession, making a card is FREE.

Making a card is so easy!  It’s a piece of paper folded in half!  Seriously, grab some paper.  Chances are it’s already a rectangle-like shape.  If it’s not, this is easy to solve.  Scissors.  Now that you have a rectangle, fold that puppy in half.  Make a doodle on the front.  Write a nice li’l message inside.  And make someone’s day!

What to draw? You don’t have to be Michelangelo to decorate the front of a card (nor do you have to own thousands of dollars of rubber stamps and designer papers).  Go for something simple.  I like to draw a piece of fruit, or a simple vase of flowers.

thanks card

What to write? There are plenty of reasons to send someone a card.  Who doesn’t love a good Autumnal Equinox card (Sept. 22nd this year)?  There’s absolutely always someone you can send a thank you card to. Thanks for being a good friend! Thanks for having lunch with me! Thanks for that recipe you gave me last year, I still use it! Then there are the great no-particular-reason cards. “I just ate some ice cream that reminded me of that one time…” You could figure out who has the closest half birthday and send them a card that will blow their mind. No one expects a half-birthday card. (Hint: Just add six months. Right now it’s march, who do i know who has a birthday in September)?

Now the delivery.  Everyone loves to get mail!  To me, it’s pretty much the best deal on the planet.  How else can you make someone’s day for 42¢?  So, if you have their address, MAIL IT!  I’ve sent people emails that are paragraphs long, complete with the obligatory awkward catch-up, “i’m well, sorry i haven’t called in so long, how’s things with you?” just to ask for their mailing address to send them a “thinking of you” card.  I think it’s tragic that if someone asks for my mailing address, i assume congratulations are in order and czech my mail box for their save-the-date (there’s one abbreve i won’t use).

✩A note for those lucky enough to reside in the pacific northwest:  One of my favorite possessions is a stack of pre-scored paper in assorted colors from Fred Meyer.  They’re 5.5×8.5 inches and fold into a perfect little card.  Plus, they’re a total deal $9.99 for a bafillion sheets (ok, so i can’t remember the exact amount, and i don’t live near a Fred Meyer anymore, boo, but it’s a big number)!

Take the time to send a card today.  You’ll be glad you did and in just a few days someone else will be too!
Love Spread for a Grand Total: 42¢

UPDATE: stamps cost 44¢ now… (still a deal!)


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